Autronic SMC ECU

Autronic Stand Alone ECU

Autronic is a Australian owned company that is based in Melbourne. The company was formed in 1987. Autronic offers three dimensional mapping of fuel and ignition and are full sequential.All Autronic engine management systems are shipped with the optional Autotune ™ chip and software which enables hands free tuning with no input required from the user other than running the engine through its various RPM and load sites. The engine management systems are well respected for there reliability and resistance to interference from other engine components. Autronic engine management systems will control injectors correctly, and are renowned for their ability to control large injectors on small capacity engines at small injector openings. Autronic engine management systems are used across the world in race engines in Group A and N touring cars and rally cars, Drag racing, Water ski race boats, Power boats and have won major races world wide.

Autronic SMC is sequential 3D ECU. This is the biggest selling model and is suitable for most applications. The basic Autronic SMC kit includes harness, air temp sensor, internal map sensor, fuel pump relay, PC data cable, calibration and data logging software, and 100 page manual. The internal map sensor is available in 4.4 bar absolute (50 psi). Available with high current (low impedance) or low current (high impedance) injector drivers. Harness has a connector which plugs into the Ecu, and has a socket for fuel pump relay, and socket for data cable connection to a IBM compatible PC or Laptop. The other end of the harness has to be connected as per the wiring diagram.


ATS Racing offers an advanced Autronic SMC kit that comes complete with plug-n-play harness and correct base maps. We have tuned several popular configurations with the Autronic SMC. Our base maps are surprisingly close; however dyno tuning is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Because the SMC can control low impedance injectors directly and can operate large injectors on small displacement engines the OEM fuel pump resistor pack, fuel injector resistor pack and fuel pump resistor switching relay are all eliminated when using our Advanced SMC kit. See photo of firewall here. ATS Advanced SMC kit also allows you to keep your air conditioning, ABS, cruise control, and power steering.

Shown installed on customers 94 turbo MR2. No other "plug-n-play" ECU kit installs this easily or cleanly.

Installed on another 1994 MR2 Turbo:

ATS Advanced SMC wiring harness ready for installation:


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