Esprit Bolt On GT3071R

This is as direct bolt on for the chargecooled cars as possible with a GT series ball bearing turbo. These turbochargers were developed as a joint project between HKS and Garrett. These are equipped with some great technologies like dual ball bearing center sections and lightweight high flowing turbine wheels. With these ball bearing sections there are no thrust bearings to worry about at high boost levels. We have personally run these turbos on MR2s at 25+ psi for years without failures.


Comes with a special .72 ar Cosworth/Lotus style exhaust housing with internal wastegate that is a direct bolt on to the stock exhaust manifold and downpipe. We *highly* recommend going to a 3" downpipe at the very least, with a full 3" turbo-back exhaust system being ideal.


The standard compressor housing is a 2-3/8" inlet and 2" outlet, just like stock. 


The center section is a little narrower than the original center section, so the Chargecooler brackets need to be slotted to move the Chargercooler about 1/4" towards the left side of the vehicle.


The oil drain flange on the GT series turbo is smaller than the original T3. We supply an adapter in the kit.


The oil feed fitting is also smaller, -4AN instead of -6AN. We offer two options in this case. Option one is a -6 to -4 fitting right on the turbo. Option two is a -6 to -4 fitting at the block combined with a NEW -4 oil feed line.  Option 2 is prettier, but it's harder to get to the fitting to remove the original hose with the engine in the car.


The GT center section is water cooled. The original lines and fittings can be reused, or we offer a steel braided 3/8" water line kit with banjo style fittings.


A new T3 inlet gasket is included as well.

Price: $1,699.00


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